October 19th Magic Night goes spooky

Time: 7.45pm (Doors 7pm) - At: Madame Jojo's

Tickets: 12 or 25 show and meal ticket for one.

Magic Night does a sance, table flying, rocknroll tricks, floating balls and ukes!
Clouds of heavy objects defy the laws of gravity especially in the hands of master illusionist Oliver Tabor, whilst Matt Hennem bewitches his liquid crystal ball into a life of its own as he moonwalks and dances around it. Tricity Vogue strums up a saucy storm and Pete Hathway performs some of the coolest, funniest tricks this side of a magician.
And In the Spirit of the season we will be contacting the dead. Award winning 'Psychic' Comedian Pete Antoniou will attempt to contact the spirits from beyond. Pete will attempt to bridge the gap between the living and the dead, all whilst asking whether spirit contact is even possible. Everyone knows ghosts can't really come back can they?
All expertly presided over by Tommy Cooperesque Christian Lee.
NB Those of a sensitive disposition are welcome to bring a teddy.



Christian Lee -

Star of Sky One's 'Max Magic' and C4s 'Psychic Night'.
A modern day Tommy Cooper presents stunning magic that's not short on laughs. His bumbling, slightly inebriated persona whose tricks go hilariously awry leaves audiences guffawing. But don't be fooled, this is magic at its cleverest and funniest.
"Mighty Magical talents" Evening Standard
"Fabulous magic-riddled comic Christian Lee" Time Out.

Pete Heat -

Surreal, irreverent, and downright amazing, lanky charmer Pete Heat will read your mind, steal your watch and entrance your mother-in-law, all in the same breath… Like Derren Brown crossed with Russell Brand – in the words of the NME, Pete is “the rock & roll magician”.
Funny, eloquent, slightly unhinged… Pete is no ordinary magician and this is no ordinary magic. Instead of card tricks and dad-jokes you’ll witness an invisible pizza, enchanted facial hair, a time-travelling Coke can, a psychicweasel, potential nudity and more insane tricks than you can fit in a small jar.
“excellent at what he does and also very, very funny… Essentially, the man’s what would happen if David Blaine was possessed by Noel Fielding’s sense of style and humour, with a show that’s exactly as mental and magnificent as that sounds”
★★★★★ FringeGuru
“the Channel 4 generation’s Houdini… The audience is artfully bewitched into an altogether unusual state of goofy awe… should absolutely not be missed”
★★★★ – Fest Magazine

Oliver Tabor -

Oliver’s award winning and critically acclaimed dove act is pure theatrical artistry. A master manipulator he makes cards, doves and violins appear as if from thin air. This graceful and visually stunning physical performer is truly original.

Pete Antoniou - Pete Antoniou is a mind reader. It's just that simple. Since an early revelation that he was able to sneak into people's minds and steal their thoughts Pete has dedicated his life to demonstrating these remarkable abilities. Using these amazing skills, his quick wit and background in improvised comedy, Pete quickly became an underground sensation. He now presents his own unique demonstrations around the country for sell-out theatre audiences and blue chip companies events. "People were talking about Peter's performance for weeks after" -- Southern Comfort "This man is Penon-mentally Good" -- Kerrang! "Peter Antoniou is without a doubt the most promising young illusionist and Mind Reader I have seen in fifteen years in the business" --Sweet Entertainments "Exceptional... His observational wit is as good as any stand-up" --Forge Press "Very entertaining and constantly surprising" -- Sure Radio

Matt Hennem -

A unique illusionist juggler, his exceptional physical skills with his manipulation of objects is guaranteed to leave audiences spellbound.

"Beyond awesome. . ." - Derren Brown
"a triumph. . . He conjures that rare magic that is no less entrancing for being simple." -
The Daily Telegraph
". . . simple and beautiful, inviting the suspension of disbelief as he seemingly levitated a crystal ball." 
". .Matt Hennem stole the show with his crystal ball manipulation act. This was the highlight for me, during Matt's performance I looked around the room, to see everyone mouths agape, in stunned silence. He makes it looks like the crystal ball has a life of its own, it was incredible!" -
reviewer, TalkMagic.co.uk
"The dance enraptured the audience, and Hennem received thunderous applause for his magical manipulation of the ball" -
Erotic Review

Tricity Vogue -

A charming, offbeat, ukelele playing songstress with a repertoire of surprising tunes and a colourful history of romantic misadventure. Slinky, sassy, witty and cheeky she’s like Peggy Lee after too many cocktails.
‘Anyone else a massive fan of the divine Miss Vogue… ? Thought so.’ Time Out, London.

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